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second (halloween) painting complete

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and here it is.  the details in this one almost killed me.

for anyone that grew up in overbrook park or the northeast of philadelphia, this may appear a bit familiar.  the glory of row-homes…

astrokid completed

astrokid completed


project update 7/26/09

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began layouts for the final comic book presentation of “thirteen:ties that bind”.  we’ve decided to make it look like an actual comic book.  next step is running the layouts through adobe acrobat.  photos of the final book will be posted once it’s put together.

finished writing  a letter to publishers and am preparing to print out copies of the untimely endeavor and land of broken dreams for submission.  the goal is to send them out before my birthday.

the second halloween painting is nearly complete.  will post a picture of it once finished.

did the outline and a bit of shading on the first of a pair of nightmare before christmas tattoos.  here are the drawing and the results of the first session of tattooing:


line drawing for tattoo

line drawing for tattoo


first sitting

first sitting

interview with manufactured dissent

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Manufactured Dissent is an online arts magazine focusing on diverse artists dedicated to creative exploration.” and they happened to interview me.  here it is thanks to ruth schanbacher.


comic page pencils

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this is just a picture taken with my phone.  generally, as i finish a page like this, i send the picture to my writing partner jason in san francisco for his approval before applying the ink.  examples of the inked work from issue one of this series are on my website in the comic books section.

fun with mock-ups

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little helper

little helper



here we have a mock-up of the comic presentation in miniature.  figure i shouldn’t let scrap paper go to waste.  now i know which pages are married to one another for the final product.

project update 7/16/09

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astrokidfinished work on the first painting in my halloween series and began work on the second (pictured here).  

also began work on issue two of thirteen: ties that bind.  the presentation is nearly ready for delivery to the pros.  keeping fingers crossed.

jen fixed my website so that what you are now seeing can be accessed through the news section there (  many thanks to her.

and finally, today i tattooed a piece from edward gorey’s dracula.

more news upcoming.

here we go

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soon, this will replace the news section on my website.  just working out the kinks at the moment.

new work under way.  here’s a preview of the first incomplete image.

the first in my new series of paintings.

the first in my new series of paintings.