and for my next trick…

just got back from new orleans with my wife as we celebrated our second anniversary.  i’d almost forgotten just how much i love that city.  the maison marigny was our home away from  home for four days- a great little place.  we walked from one end of the city to the other and back again a few times over, ate many delicious meals, took in some time with good friends, and saw many spectacular sights.

before leaving:

the art fair was not a bad experience.  sold a bunch of dreary and naughty merchandise, but only one of my original paintings. guess the atmosphere wasn’t right. in the end, a small profit was made.  this left me thinking about getting a table at a horror convention next year to see if i fare better/ setting up a store for myself on etsy.  will update if/when the time comes.

upon returning:

still no word from the first in our line of comic book companies.  preparing to send the presentation along to the next one.

in other news, i’ve just finished pencilling issue four of thirteen:ties that bind.  here we see our hero standing outside the haunted house that issue five takes place inside.  fun coincidence that i get to draw the haunted issue as halloween approaches with fresh images of new orleans burned into my mind.  only two issues to go before i go back and start inking this leg of the series.

outside the haunt

halloween paintings will once again commence now that i’m not scrambling to get (other) little cute things finished.


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  2. Yay for an etsy shop, great idea!

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