all fall down

trying to figure out some kind of schedule of deadlines to get myself in line with projects, mostly the paintings.  they’ve been elusive of late.  suppose having my dad in the hospital has been distracting me a bit.

thirteen's hero, wren sadun from issue 6, "All Fall Down"

i’m currently working on pencils for the sixth and final issue in the first run of thirteen:ties that bind.  it’s a double-sized issue that culminates in the showdown between our cast of heroes to be and the evil that plagues the fictitious town of canyon park; ultimately setting the stage for the ongoing series.  i’ve been told by folks that have viewed it that it reads like a movie.  jason and i are very happy with how it’s developing.

my wife jen has written a draft for a children’s story we’ll be collaborating on.  hoping to start sketching for that early in the new year.  not that i’m biased, but it’s pretty awesome.

i tried to make a spooky little doll. (go ahead and laugh).  it wasn’t an abysmal failure, but it wasn’t quite a success either.  next attempt soon.  once it’s done, i’ll post pictures.

worlds without end is still up and available for sale.  see the link in the previous post if you are interested.


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