a new year, then.

much has transpired over the last few months between my grandmother’s death and my father’s hospitalization and continuing rehab.  it’s sometimes overwhelming, but with the much appreciated help of my wonderful family and friends, i’ve managed to keep on moving.  my wife has been especially amazing.

that said, thirteen is the only project that has managed to progress due to its portability.  i carry it with me up and back between the tattoo parlor and home in an awesome new case i grabbed from pearl (art store) in their death throes.  at this point there are only nine pages of pencils remaining.  after i’m through with that, jason and i will decide which sections of each issue should be inked for our next presentation.  we’re also going through the other issues and tweaking things every here and again.

my poor painting projects are sadly neglected.  i wave to them in passing through my studio at home.  hopefully i’ll find a slice of time for them in the near future.

this year is going to be interesting to say the very least.

here’s a two page spread from issue six of thirteen:ties that bind.  can’t wait to ink this insanity.  keep in mind, this is just a photo from my phone.


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