onward and upward

here i am again, trying to pull myself back into some sort of creative routine.  how does one balance the full time job, painting, comic books, and various other projects that invariably come one’s way while still managing to keep some semblance of a social life?  precariously yet gleefully.

glad to say jen and i will be getting away to san francisco for a few days next week.

for now, it is time to work work work once again.

just finished a series of concept sketches and designs for miss tora brava‘s upcoming, incredibly ambitious, multi-layered project.  here’s a taste:


i managed to get this and a number of other situational/character designs finished in less than three days.  good to know i can still crank these things out when the need arises.

jason has been soldiering on with the outlines for the 13 presentation we’ll be making to dark horse some time later this summer.  i’m getting back to the inking. here’s a photo of the latest completed page.  keep in mind it’s taken on my phone and a bit underwhelming because of this.

possessed and proud

more art on its way.


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