still a ways to go

as per my last entry, said fire has finally given me a minute to breathe and type a few words of update.

did a bunch of work on the website.  check it out- lots of new material, a reordering of sections, links, etc.

i’ve also begun taking a real inventory of all of the work that’s in the 30+ sketchbooks that sit upon shelves in my studio, scanning in pieces that pertain to different projects, and organizing them digitally.  needless to say, there’s a lot of stuff in there and the task is ongoing.

this led to the “concept design” section on my website.

solar wing concept schematic

outside of this, i’ll be exhibiting my work in a show at trust gallery (3rd and arch in philadelphia) toward the end of october through halloween.  i’m working on finishing up the series of “little paintings” you can find on my website, a few larger acrylic pieces in the “consumption” series, and preparing plates of “the untimely endeavor” for hanging.  more details to come.


One Response to “still a ways to go”

  1. John DeSpirito Says:

    I will try these designs out and let you know how it goes. If you don’t hear from me, tell my wife I love her.

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