final stretch

so… i’ve been cutting fabric and spray-painting frames and making little cut-outs in boards to squeeze little paintings into.  the darques are almost complete.  in case you didn’t already know from my barrage of promotional bits here and there and everywhere, i’m having an art show at trust venue(3rd and arch in philadelphia) on friday october 29th from 6-9pm entitled, “the darques and other fine sundry items”.  15 paintings make up the darques series, each representing a member of a delightfully eccentric family full of spooky secrets. 5 small dia de los muertos paintings on wood blocks will also be on hand as well as the original illustration plates from my yet unpublished book, “the untimely endeavor”.  artist harry boardman will also have pieces up.  if you come, you will be refreshed and, if of age, plied with wine.  the show ends on halloween.

as per said barrage of promotional bits, i have swallowed my long standing hatred of the twitterverse and joined it.  behold, my tweets of doom!  alongside this bit of madness, i have also added a fanpage for my art on facebook.

as though this weren’t enough, dear reader, in what tiny bit of spare time i could manage, i wrote a report from the trenches of the new york comic con to be found here.

tonight i will finish assembling the darques and prepare illustrations from the untimely endeavor for framing.

coffee, coffee, and, oh yes, more coffee.

framed and (mostly) ready to hang


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