adventures in hanging art

the first half of the day went very well. i did all of the things i normally do- fed the cats, had coffee and breakfast, checked the interwebs, etc. keeping to a respectable schedule, i made my way to trust to hang my show at 11 or so.

after some figuring, the art started going up, more coffee was had, good conversation… met harry boardman, more good conversation…

all in all, a smooth experience.

then i went out to the lot to retrieve my car and make my way toward the wife and dinner on the town. trouble was, my car was gone. towed. it was parked with a placard and permission of the folks who own the lot. george smith towing chose to ignore this. lovely.

randi, the director at trust set to calling the tow trolls. she and i then set forth to southwest philly and george smith’s compound. to add more sunshine to the day, we got a flat along the way. i changed the ruined tire out for her donut and we were once again on our way. upon finally arriving, we discovered that i could not get my car out without my registration and insurance information, despite what a sign at their gate said (pictured below), both of which were left at home after i had renewed my registration the night prior online. in my haze of excitement to hang the show, i’d forgotten to bring them back out to the car. yay me.

never mind the fact that the car shouldn’t have been towed in the first place. troglodytes.

randi then picked jen up and brought us home.

we met other jenn and shaun at the trolley car for dinner after which they were good enough to give me a ride back out to george smith’s torture emporium with the proper documentation in tow.

here i sit, hours later, car retrieved, cat beside me. accomplished and exhausted. more to come.

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