the (semi)reluctant embrace

my wacom cintiq and i have been staring at each other for nearly a year.  we’ve said hello politely, had coffee, tested the waters.  i was afraid to commit to our relationship even though i could see that the merits would outweigh the negatives.  recently, i decided it was time to overcome my fear and give in to the technological wonders that awaited.

now, i’m drawing directly into my computer.  to some of you, this is nothing new or all that impressive.  to clarify, i grew up with a black and white television with a tube.  thirteen inches of screen was luxury.  now, not only is my laptop about as big as that awesome little television, but i have a screen only slightly smaller that sits on my lap and allows me to draw over an existing image into the computer box.  amazing.

in order to acquaint myself with the cintiq further, i decided to purchase the sketchbook pro program as it was getting some rave reviews.  it does not disappoint.  one can draw directly into this program, work things out, then pop them in to photoshop and/or illustrator to polish them up.  to further acquaint myself with the cintiq and sketchbook pro, i decided to start working on a web comic which will be my first completely digital project to date.

i purchased the domain for this project and have been developing it in between other bits of work.  my wife was good enough to help me with the setup.  expect to see this begin within the next few weeks.

currently, the plan is to put out a three panel strip once a week.  i’ve completed the thumbnails for the first sixteen weeks so far and the ideas are happily still rolling along.

more details and links to come soonly.

yay technology!  i still want my flying car.  c’mon.  i can handle it.

p.s.  where’s my jetpack?



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