education and conventioneering

i’m going back to school for the first time in too many years for me to count here. strangely, i’m not as nervous as i had imagined. i’m enrolled in the university of the arts’ continuing education certificate program for communication and web design. going to try to customize it a bit to get some print stuff in there considering that’s one of the directions i want to go in.  starting with two classes for the spring semester. somewhat excited.

in terms of conventioneering, i’ll be returning to the convention circuit with dreary and naughty merchandise (books, dolls and lunchboxes), original artwork (including the darques, halloween kids and more), prints and stray toys that take up too much room in my basement. so far, i’ve booked tables for march’s monster mania in cherry hill, new jersey and august/september’s horrorfind weekend in gettysburg, pennsylvania.  pete stathis and i are talking about sharing a table in the artist’s alley at the philadelphia wizard world comic con in june as well.  looking for even more.




2 Responses to “education and conventioneering”

  1. Sir,

    May I “please” ask for your help in finding a tattoo Artist in Philly thats good with Chinese script?. I found a Calligrapher who draw the old Bone script style writting, now I was hoping to find an Artist who can simulate the script lke it’s orginal, carved on the back of a turtle shell. Would you have any recommendations? Would you be interested? This is to be used in conjunction with my martial arts symbol Jeet Kune do.


    Very Respectively!

    – Erick

    • i’m currently on hiatus from tattooing. not sure when/where i’ll be back. the folks at moo are more than capable of doing something like that for you as, i’d imagine, would most folks tattooing for a decent length of time. ask around, look at portfolios, and talk to people to get a feel of where would work best for you.

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