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thirteen thirteen thirteen.  the writing and thumb-nailing of the first story arc is now complete.  today, jason is putting together a little preview package for friends that have volunteered to do a read-through for last minute criticism/edits before we set to sending it out to the comic book world once more in hopes of getting it published.  i’m gearing up to ink the first ten pages of issue one for our presentation before scanning it in and adding the lettering.  this means i have to fix my scanner set up.  both of them have decided that they no longer recognize my computer after my upgrade to the latest mac OS.  bah.  time to hit the interwebs and find a solution.

this is a quick thumbnail from issue 5

last week marked the twentieth installment of not green cheese and the launching point for the further travels of the voidbot and alan.  more fun to come.

starting work on a logo design for an old friend this week.  hope i’m up to the task!




moving right along

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had an awesome interview/photo-session with photographer jamie siever last week.  we met up in chestnut hill for coffee and wandered around the streets, snapping photos and talking.  you can see the piece here.

not green cheese has been coming along smoothly.  the wacom cintiq is far less alien to me now.  in fact, we’ve developed a decent working relationship and i can see it evolving into bigger, brighter things in the future.  currently thumb-nailing the next leg of the story.

i find myself staring at animation software online more and more recently.  after a while, i sit back and ask myself if i’m serious about opening that can of worms.  also started making an attempt at building an app for not green cheese.  the cintiq, apparently, is a digital gateway drug.

the latest incarnation of the thirteen comic is well underway.  i’m happy to say that this is some of the best writing i’ve ever seen out of my good friend and collaborator, jason ridings.  the story is filling out very nicely in places it lacked before.  in our excitement to get things out to comic book folks in the past, we overlooked little things like decent character development and clear continuity.  we’ve managed to bring the reader in on the secrets this time around, making the journey all the more enjoyable.  the first issue’s pencils are almost complete.  jason is currently writing issue four.

still thinking about finding another art show venue for the fall some time.

Philadelphia Inquirer article

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I’m quoted in this article and two of my (tattoo) pieces are featured.

onward and upward

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here i am again, trying to pull myself back into some sort of creative routine.  how does one balance the full time job, painting, comic books, and various other projects that invariably come one’s way while still managing to keep some semblance of a social life?  precariously yet gleefully.

glad to say jen and i will be getting away to san francisco for a few days next week.

for now, it is time to work work work once again.

just finished a series of concept sketches and designs for miss tora brava‘s upcoming, incredibly ambitious, multi-layered project.  here’s a taste:


i managed to get this and a number of other situational/character designs finished in less than three days.  good to know i can still crank these things out when the need arises.

jason has been soldiering on with the outlines for the 13 presentation we’ll be making to dark horse some time later this summer.  i’m getting back to the inking. here’s a photo of the latest completed page.  keep in mind it’s taken on my phone and a bit underwhelming because of this.

possessed and proud

more art on its way.

a new year, then.

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much has transpired over the last few months between my grandmother’s death and my father’s hospitalization and continuing rehab.  it’s sometimes overwhelming, but with the much appreciated help of my wonderful family and friends, i’ve managed to keep on moving.  my wife has been especially amazing.

that said, thirteen is the only project that has managed to progress due to its portability.  i carry it with me up and back between the tattoo parlor and home in an awesome new case i grabbed from pearl (art store) in their death throes.  at this point there are only nine pages of pencils remaining.  after i’m through with that, jason and i will decide which sections of each issue should be inked for our next presentation.  we’re also going through the other issues and tweaking things every here and again.

my poor painting projects are sadly neglected.  i wave to them in passing through my studio at home.  hopefully i’ll find a slice of time for them in the near future.

this year is going to be interesting to say the very least.

here’s a two page spread from issue six of thirteen:ties that bind.  can’t wait to ink this insanity.  keep in mind, this is just a photo from my phone.

all fall down

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trying to figure out some kind of schedule of deadlines to get myself in line with projects, mostly the paintings.  they’ve been elusive of late.  suppose having my dad in the hospital has been distracting me a bit.

thirteen's hero, wren sadun from issue 6, "All Fall Down"

i’m currently working on pencils for the sixth and final issue in the first run of thirteen:ties that bind.  it’s a double-sized issue that culminates in the showdown between our cast of heroes to be and the evil that plagues the fictitious town of canyon park; ultimately setting the stage for the ongoing series.  i’ve been told by folks that have viewed it that it reads like a movie.  jason and i are very happy with how it’s developing.

my wife jen has written a draft for a children’s story we’ll be collaborating on.  hoping to start sketching for that early in the new year.  not that i’m biased, but it’s pretty awesome.

i tried to make a spooky little doll. (go ahead and laugh).  it wasn’t an abysmal failure, but it wasn’t quite a success either.  next attempt soon.  once it’s done, i’ll post pictures.

worlds without end is still up and available for sale.  see the link in the previous post if you are interested.

and for my next trick…

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just got back from new orleans with my wife as we celebrated our second anniversary.  i’d almost forgotten just how much i love that city.  the maison marigny was our home away from  home for four days- a great little place.  we walked from one end of the city to the other and back again a few times over, ate many delicious meals, took in some time with good friends, and saw many spectacular sights.

before leaving:

the art fair was not a bad experience.  sold a bunch of dreary and naughty merchandise, but only one of my original paintings. guess the atmosphere wasn’t right. in the end, a small profit was made.  this left me thinking about getting a table at a horror convention next year to see if i fare better/ setting up a store for myself on etsy.  will update if/when the time comes.

upon returning:

still no word from the first in our line of comic book companies.  preparing to send the presentation along to the next one.

in other news, i’ve just finished pencilling issue four of thirteen:ties that bind.  here we see our hero standing outside the haunted house that issue five takes place inside.  fun coincidence that i get to draw the haunted issue as halloween approaches with fresh images of new orleans burned into my mind.  only two issues to go before i go back and start inking this leg of the series.

outside the haunt

halloween paintings will once again commence now that i’m not scrambling to get (other) little cute things finished.