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moving right along

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had an awesome interview/photo-session with photographer jamie siever last week.  we met up in chestnut hill for coffee and wandered around the streets, snapping photos and talking.  you can see the piece here.

not green cheese has been coming along smoothly.  the wacom cintiq is far less alien to me now.  in fact, we’ve developed a decent working relationship and i can see it evolving into bigger, brighter things in the future.  currently thumb-nailing the next leg of the story.

i find myself staring at animation software online more and more recently.  after a while, i sit back and ask myself if i’m serious about opening that can of worms.  also started making an attempt at building an app for not green cheese.  the cintiq, apparently, is a digital gateway drug.

the latest incarnation of the thirteen comic is well underway.  i’m happy to say that this is some of the best writing i’ve ever seen out of my good friend and collaborator, jason ridings.  the story is filling out very nicely in places it lacked before.  in our excitement to get things out to comic book folks in the past, we overlooked little things like decent character development and clear continuity.  we’ve managed to bring the reader in on the secrets this time around, making the journey all the more enjoyable.  the first issue’s pencils are almost complete.  jason is currently writing issue four.

still thinking about finding another art show venue for the fall some time.


first words of the new year

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i’m so sorry i’ve neglected you, blog.  will you forgive me?  i’ll give you chocolate…

happy new year!

just finished work on a good chunk of concept and final art for a blogsite my wife and i are playing with.  once it’s ready for public consumption, i will post links and more information.

i am halfway through my sketchbook for the sketchbook project and will be cramming all this week and next to get it postmarked by the 15th.  i started off using pencil and painting ink over it, but have since abandoned the pencil and am attacking it directly with ink. the subject i chose is “coffee and cigarettes”.  throughout the sketchbook, we follow a man and a woman as they embark on a relationship with one another-smoking many cigarettes and drinking tons of coffee.  all is glamor until he wakes up with chest pains one day and the sketchbook takes a tragic turn.  i’ll post more pics and information later.

inside cover and first page



still have to finish corrections on my comic work to send off to darkhorse and get my good friend and writing partner, jason ridings, to finish re-writing the first five pages of thirteen to send off to image.

many other projects and paintings still in the pipes.  toying with the idea of creating an actual monthly schedule to get them done this year.  ha ha.

and just for fun, here is the art of don kenn.  you should take a look.


after the show reflection/collection

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the art show seems to have been a success.  received a considerable amount of good feedback on the pieces.  attendance was pretty high.  i sold three pieces ahead of time and three pieces on the spot, then three more this week.  i have been bitten by the bug of showing.  i want to have more shows!

next steps- photographing each of the pieces in frames before they go off to their owners and posting them to my website (stay on the lookout), making both the originals and prints available through my etsy store, working out the details of the next series of day of the dead paintings (twenty more in the pipes), putting said paintings together in a post card set, designing and completing the next series of darques and compiling all of them into a book, sending the untimely endeavor off to literary agents, completing a sketch book for the sketchbook project by january…  y’know- just a few things.

my aunt libby had this to say about the show on artblog.

pieces from the untimely endeavor upstairs at trust

adventures in hanging art

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the first half of the day went very well. i did all of the things i normally do- fed the cats, had coffee and breakfast, checked the interwebs, etc. keeping to a respectable schedule, i made my way to trust to hang my show at 11 or so.

after some figuring, the art started going up, more coffee was had, good conversation… met harry boardman, more good conversation…

all in all, a smooth experience.

then i went out to the lot to retrieve my car and make my way toward the wife and dinner on the town. trouble was, my car was gone. towed. it was parked with a placard and permission of the folks who own the lot. george smith towing chose to ignore this. lovely.

randi, the director at trust set to calling the tow trolls. she and i then set forth to southwest philly and george smith’s compound. to add more sunshine to the day, we got a flat along the way. i changed the ruined tire out for her donut and we were once again on our way. upon finally arriving, we discovered that i could not get my car out without my registration and insurance information, despite what a sign at their gate said (pictured below), both of which were left at home after i had renewed my registration the night prior online. in my haze of excitement to hang the show, i’d forgotten to bring them back out to the car. yay me.

never mind the fact that the car shouldn’t have been towed in the first place. troglodytes.

randi then picked jen up and brought us home.

we met other jenn and shaun at the trolley car for dinner after which they were good enough to give me a ride back out to george smith’s torture emporium with the proper documentation in tow.

here i sit, hours later, car retrieved, cat beside me. accomplished and exhausted. more to come.

Philadelphia Inquirer article

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I’m quoted in this article and two of my (tattoo) pieces are featured.

still a ways to go

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as per my last entry, said fire has finally given me a minute to breathe and type a few words of update.

did a bunch of work on the website.  check it out- lots of new material, a reordering of sections, links, etc.

i’ve also begun taking a real inventory of all of the work that’s in the 30+ sketchbooks that sit upon shelves in my studio, scanning in pieces that pertain to different projects, and organizing them digitally.  needless to say, there’s a lot of stuff in there and the task is ongoing.

this led to the “concept design” section on my website.

solar wing concept schematic

outside of this, i’ll be exhibiting my work in a show at trust gallery (3rd and arch in philadelphia) toward the end of october through halloween.  i’m working on finishing up the series of “little paintings” you can find on my website, a few larger acrylic pieces in the “consumption” series, and preparing plates of “the untimely endeavor” for hanging.  more details to come.

onward and upward

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here i am again, trying to pull myself back into some sort of creative routine.  how does one balance the full time job, painting, comic books, and various other projects that invariably come one’s way while still managing to keep some semblance of a social life?  precariously yet gleefully.

glad to say jen and i will be getting away to san francisco for a few days next week.

for now, it is time to work work work once again.

just finished a series of concept sketches and designs for miss tora brava‘s upcoming, incredibly ambitious, multi-layered project.  here’s a taste:


i managed to get this and a number of other situational/character designs finished in less than three days.  good to know i can still crank these things out when the need arises.

jason has been soldiering on with the outlines for the 13 presentation we’ll be making to dark horse some time later this summer.  i’m getting back to the inking. here’s a photo of the latest completed page.  keep in mind it’s taken on my phone and a bit underwhelming because of this.

possessed and proud

more art on its way.