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worlds without end release

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at the moment, worlds without end is available for sale on link below.  it will be available through amazon and borders some time in the next 2-6 months.

i’ve stolen glen’s words here:

3 Years in the making, 63 Channels publishing is proud to announce the new Illustrated novel by 63 Channels owner/editor Glen Feulner & artist Shawn Dubin. to buy, go to :
Here’s a blurb about the book:
She is a nameless orphan, abused throughout her youth and imprisoned for the supernatural abilities she’s not supposed to have. On her 18th birthday, she uses her powers to escape and make a life for herself in a new world. When she witnesses the destruction of that world she moves on, unaware of the relentless evil forces following and the endless cycle of devastation she will endure.

Here’s what critics are saying:

In Worlds Without End, Glen Feulner and Shawn Dubin have created an apocalyptic multiverse rich in mystery and clouded with an oppressive supernatural foreboding. Feulner’s evocative text allows readers to peek behind a horrific curtain, revealing oblique glimpses in the shadows it casts that would have been dispelled by more concrete explanation. Dubin’s cinematic monochrome illustrations perfectly support that mood, at times shockingly tactile, at others sweeping into imaginative fancies suggestive of the bleakest of fairy tales. Together they’ve crafted an expansive mythology dense with world-altering struggles, twisted eroticism and fantastic powers treading the boundary between sci-fi and fantasy.
– Shaun Brady, Journalist


I was given the opportunity to review Glen Feulner’s Worlds Without End, and I immediately sat up to take notice from the very first sentence. Here is a remarkably fresh voice in horror: this is a highly original work that brings fantasy and dark dreams to the surface in the form of the most beautifully descriptive prose I may have ever read. I found myself wanting to take my time with Feulner’s work; to savor the fluid movement and the depth of his creations.

As I said, I took notice from the very first sentence, which reads: “She was from nowhere and everywhere; a child of multiple worlds, never really raised but inspired by each piece of contact, no matter how brief.” What a grabber!

Worlds Without End comes in sections. Part One is more of an introductory explanation of who this unique individual is, done in a narrative style. It is interesting enough to hold my attention and it made me want to know more.

But it is in Part Two where the real excitement starts. Switching to a first person account, we begin seeing through the protagonist’s eyes. Glen Feulner has the gift of making the reader feel empathy for the character, and I found myself rooting for her.

This is the most original and creative book I have read in a long time. The elements of horror are there; but this book will appeal to lovers of science fiction as well. The protagonist is able to go through doors in time, some to worlds in apocalypse; others to places dark and haunting. The talent that Feulner possesses (besides the beautifully fluid prose) is that he is able to make all of this believable. It works.

Something truly amazing about Worlds Without End is the artwork. Its distribution throughout the book is generous, and this is a good thing, because artist Shawn Dubin is simply awesome. Beautifully drawn with intricate details, Dubin’s pictures are stunning.

All in all, Worlds Without End shines because of the combined talents of both Glen Feulner and Shawn Dubin. Do yourself a favor and pick up a copy. Or two.

-Jeani Rector, Author, :”Open Grave” and “Around A Dark Corner”