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A Bit About Process

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thought i’d babble a bit about the process i go through to bring about installments of not green cheese.  i’ve already mentioned the wacom cintiq and its awesome powers, but wanted to talk about the hands on stuff using the first panel of the 25th strip.

here, we have the pencils done on the tablet.

from here, i go on to do rough inks.

after some erasing and cleaning up some lines, we have the final inks.

i then map out the basic color.

after cleaning up the edges, adding shading and final touches we have the final art ready to go.

from here, i finish up the other two panels, add text, and publish.

for this week’s installment of not green cheese click here.


comics, etc.

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thirteen thirteen thirteen.  the writing and thumb-nailing of the first story arc is now complete.  today, jason is putting together a little preview package for friends that have volunteered to do a read-through for last minute criticism/edits before we set to sending it out to the comic book world once more in hopes of getting it published.  i’m gearing up to ink the first ten pages of issue one for our presentation before scanning it in and adding the lettering.  this means i have to fix my scanner set up.  both of them have decided that they no longer recognize my computer after my upgrade to the latest mac OS.  bah.  time to hit the interwebs and find a solution.

this is a quick thumbnail from issue 5

last week marked the twentieth installment of not green cheese and the launching point for the further travels of the voidbot and alan.  more fun to come.

starting work on a logo design for an old friend this week.  hope i’m up to the task!



moving right along

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had an awesome interview/photo-session with photographer jamie siever last week.  we met up in chestnut hill for coffee and wandered around the streets, snapping photos and talking.  you can see the piece here.

not green cheese has been coming along smoothly.  the wacom cintiq is far less alien to me now.  in fact, we’ve developed a decent working relationship and i can see it evolving into bigger, brighter things in the future.  currently thumb-nailing the next leg of the story.

i find myself staring at animation software online more and more recently.  after a while, i sit back and ask myself if i’m serious about opening that can of worms.  also started making an attempt at building an app for not green cheese.  the cintiq, apparently, is a digital gateway drug.

the latest incarnation of the thirteen comic is well underway.  i’m happy to say that this is some of the best writing i’ve ever seen out of my good friend and collaborator, jason ridings.  the story is filling out very nicely in places it lacked before.  in our excitement to get things out to comic book folks in the past, we overlooked little things like decent character development and clear continuity.  we’ve managed to bring the reader in on the secrets this time around, making the journey all the more enjoyable.  the first issue’s pencils are almost complete.  jason is currently writing issue four.

still thinking about finding another art show venue for the fall some time.

the (semi)reluctant embrace

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my wacom cintiq and i have been staring at each other for nearly a year.  we’ve said hello politely, had coffee, tested the waters.  i was afraid to commit to our relationship even though i could see that the merits would outweigh the negatives.  recently, i decided it was time to overcome my fear and give in to the technological wonders that awaited.

now, i’m drawing directly into my computer.  to some of you, this is nothing new or all that impressive.  to clarify, i grew up with a black and white television with a tube.  thirteen inches of screen was luxury.  now, not only is my laptop about as big as that awesome little television, but i have a screen only slightly smaller that sits on my lap and allows me to draw over an existing image into the computer box.  amazing.

in order to acquaint myself with the cintiq further, i decided to purchase the sketchbook pro program as it was getting some rave reviews.  it does not disappoint.  one can draw directly into this program, work things out, then pop them in to photoshop and/or illustrator to polish them up.  to further acquaint myself with the cintiq and sketchbook pro, i decided to start working on a web comic which will be my first completely digital project to date.

i purchased the domain for this project and have been developing it in between other bits of work.  my wife was good enough to help me with the setup.  expect to see this begin within the next few weeks.

currently, the plan is to put out a three panel strip once a week.  i’ve completed the thumbnails for the first sixteen weeks so far and the ideas are happily still rolling along.

more details and links to come soonly.

yay technology!  i still want my flying car.  c’mon.  i can handle it.

p.s.  where’s my jetpack?


first words of the new year

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i’m so sorry i’ve neglected you, blog.  will you forgive me?  i’ll give you chocolate…

happy new year!

just finished work on a good chunk of concept and final art for a blogsite my wife and i are playing with.  once it’s ready for public consumption, i will post links and more information.

i am halfway through my sketchbook for the sketchbook project and will be cramming all this week and next to get it postmarked by the 15th.  i started off using pencil and painting ink over it, but have since abandoned the pencil and am attacking it directly with ink. the subject i chose is “coffee and cigarettes”.  throughout the sketchbook, we follow a man and a woman as they embark on a relationship with one another-smoking many cigarettes and drinking tons of coffee.  all is glamor until he wakes up with chest pains one day and the sketchbook takes a tragic turn.  i’ll post more pics and information later.

inside cover and first page



still have to finish corrections on my comic work to send off to darkhorse and get my good friend and writing partner, jason ridings, to finish re-writing the first five pages of thirteen to send off to image.

many other projects and paintings still in the pipes.  toying with the idea of creating an actual monthly schedule to get them done this year.  ha ha.

and just for fun, here is the art of don kenn.  you should take a look.


happy happy merry merry

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my wife, cats and i "entertain" a guest for the holidays

prints for sale!

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here in my store.

more to come soon.